Dyslexia Solutions

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) recognises the rights of disabled people to be protected from discrimination in the workplace. Since 2002 dyslexia has been specifically covered by the Act.

  • 10% of the workplace is likely to be dyslexic
  • All employers have a duty to be aware of dyslexia and its effects
  • Most employers are unsure of the best ways to support dyslexic employees
  • Many employers are unaware that small adjustments can make a great deal of difference
  • The whole workforce often benefits from the recommendations we make

Dyslexia Solutions for Employers and Employees

Dyslexia Assessments

  • Will identify strengths and difficulties
  • Make recommendations for support and training

Workplace Assessments

  • Involve a detailed analysis of the working environment
  • Individual support programmes are drawn up
  • Possible adjustments are explored through consultation.

Support in the workplace

  • To effectively implement recommendations (for example development of time management, organisation & IT skills)
  • Support can take place on or off-site
  • Support is often weekly to begin with
  • Support can evolve into distance support by telephone and email


  • To raise awareness of dyslexia
  • To create inclusive working environments – a dyslexia friendly workplace will benefit all employees
  • Advice and consultancy
  • For employees, managers, trainers and HR departments
  • Funding to support staff in the workplace


Disability Discrimination Act 1995  

The Disability Rights Commission

Access to Work (AtW)

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Access to Work (AtW)

  • Operates through JobcentrePlus
  • Offers a grant towards costs arising from an employee‘s disability
  • Is designed to help if your disability is preventing you from making progress at work.

We have personal experience of working with adults in the workplace including:
    • Care workers, nurses, pathologists, charity workers

    • Electricians, decorators, engineers, car mechanics, caterers, security guards

    • People working in the police service, probation service, Young Offenders Teams, Fire and Rescue service, ambulance service

    • Call centre workers, people working in local government, planners, lecturers

    • Painters, dancers, illustrators, musicians

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